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Eye injuries

Eye injuries are an unfortunate common occurence in animals. Many kinds of injuries occur, such as eyelid lacerations, proptosis (where the eye is forced out of the eye socket), blunt injury to the eye and/or eyelids, thorn or other foreign body injuries, cat claw injuries, dog bite injuries, laceration of the cornea, gunshot pellet wounds, and severe head/eye socket injury from being kicked by a horse, or hit by a car. Other injuries can be chemically induced, such as mace sprayed into the eyes, or paint or soap burns of the cornea.


These are all very painful. If a foreign body can be seen, e.g a grass awn, it is sometimes possible to gently remove it with the fingers, otherwise cover the eye with a pad soaked in cold water or better still, saline solution (such as contact lens solution). Seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.

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